100 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About the Civil War

Kids learn Interesting Facts about the American Civil War when the North The Northern men tended to work in factories and many didn't know how to fire a gun .
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To protest these conditions, black regiments refused to accept their inferior wages. Finally, pressure from abolitionist congressmen coupled with the courage black soldiers had shown in combat persuaded Congress to rectify the pay structure. In September , black soldiers finally received equal pay that was retroactive to their enlistment date. For many, this meant they finally had enough money to send some home to their families.

Harriet Tubman led a raid to free slaves during the Civil War. Harriet Tubman, the escaped slave who led others to freedom on the Underground Railroad before the war, arrived at the Union camp at Port Royal, South Carolina, in the spring of to support the Union cause. She began teaching freed slave women skills that could earn them wages with the Union Army.

But soon she was gathering intelligence about the countryside from the freed slaves and taking river reconnaissance trips. The troops swept through nearby plantations, burning homes and barns as Union gunboats sounded their whistles. In the first raid led by a woman during the Civil War, Tubman liberated 10 times the number of slaves she had freed in 10 years on the Underground Railroad.

Lincoln was shot at—and almost killed— nearly two years before he was assassinated. A private at the gate heard a shot ring out and, moments later, the horse galloped into the compound, with a bareheaded Lincoln clinging to his steed. Lincoln explained that a gunshot had gone off at the foot of the hill, sending the horse galloping so fast it knocked his hat off.

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The president asked the guards to keep the incident under wraps: Before William Tecumseh Sherman became a great Union general, he was demoted for apparent insanity. Secretary of War Simon Cameron he needed 60, men to defend his territory and , to go on the offensive. I do not think that I can again be trusted with command. Grant, who saw not insanity but competence in the disgraced general.

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He stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk; and now, sir, we stand by each other always. Both before and during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln pushed to send freed slaves abroad. But prominent abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison were appalled by the idea. Lincoln never succeeded at gathering support for the policy, and after he signed the Emancipation Proclamation he never mentioned it publicly again.

As war descended on Virginia, Lee and his wife Mary fled their 1,acre Virginia estate, known as Arlington, which overlooked Washington, D. In the U.

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The town of Salem, New Jersey once held a trial against tomatoes in because of the widespread belief they were poisonous. The case ended after Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson ate a basket of tomatoes without ill consequence. While Pope Gregory IX was in power, he declared that cats were associated with devil worship and had them exterminated across Europe. It's believed that the disappearance of cats helped rats proliferate and spread the bubonic plague.

Potatoes were only introduced to Ireland in the late s after being discovered by Spanish Conquistadors in Peru. Jeanette Rankin became the first female member of Congress in America in , four years before women were given the right to vote. Despite popular rumors, Elvis Presley had severe constipation that plagued him throughout his life.

He actually died while pooping because of a condition called "megacolon. In , the U. Army fired 1, anti-aircraft rounds during what was thought to be a Japanese air raid over Los Angeles County. It turned out to be a false alarm.

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Five civilians died as an indirect result. In , Columbus thought he saw mermaids -- they were "not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men. He came in 20th place. Chickens may have been first domesticated by humans for cockfighting, not for food. History's shortest war was between England and Zanzibar. It lasted only 38 minutes.

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During the s in the United States, it was considered a cruel and unusual punishment to feed lobster to prisoners and convicts. Fourteen years before the Titanic sank, Morgan Robertson wrote the novella Futility. It was about the large unsinkable ship "Titan" hitting an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic. Both the Titanic and the fictional Titan did not have enough lifeboats for the thousands of passengers on board.

Thomas Edison once electrocuted a circus elephant to death on Coney Island.

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  7. Over a thousand people came to watch her die while Edison recorded it on video. Before the 19th century, dentures were commonly made with teeth pulled from the mouths of dead soldiers. In , 1, bones from some ten human bodies were found in the basement of Ben Franklin's house. The bodies were used in the study of human anatomy, scholars believe. Between the 11th and 19th centuries, Buddhist monks in northern Japan practiced a kind of meditation called Sokushinbutsu , in which they would mummify themselves alive by slowly weaning themselves off food and water before eventually starving to death.

    Seven of the ten deadliest wars in human history have been in China.

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    The Taiping Rebellion alone had twice as many deaths as World War 1. Between and , Tug of War was an Olympic event. During the middle ages, it was believed that sperm produced from the left testicle produced girls. To ensure having a son, men would have it removed. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died hours apart on the same day, July 4, , the 50th anniversary of American independence.

    But after some of the armed bats were accidentally released and destroyed their testing facility, the bat bomb project was scrapped. Swan also gave birth to a pound baby. He walked in his only plate appearance. President William Henry Harrison served the shortest term in U.

    He died of a cold just two months into his presidency. Doctors have him traditional treatments like leeches, opium, and snakeweed, which contributed to his death. In , a balloon bomb launched by Japan landed in Oregon.

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    It was happened upon by a woman and five children, who died when it exploded. In , researchers at Princeton University turned a living cat into a telephone. The name "Nazi" was taken from pre-existing slang for a backward peasant. The term was popularized by Hitler's opponents and was rarely used by Nazis themselves. Serial killer Ted Bundy once saved a young child from drowning and also received a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing down a purse snatcher.

    Instead of saying 'cheese,' Victorians said 'prunes' when their picture was about to be taken. The Civil War began on the farm of Wilmer McLean, who then moved more than a hundred miles away to escape the fighting, only to have the war end inside his new house at Appomattox. One of history's longest wars likely lasted for years and was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Sicily.