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The lookdevKit plug-in provides a Simplex Noise node, as well as a set of math and utility nodes most useful for creating procedural networks in.
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However, that level of control is also a weakness because the artist has to spend time tweaking the 'num samples' settings. Even worse, sometimes users may increase the 'num samples' of the wrong effect which can make rendering longer while not providing any visual benefit. For this reason, it's important to understand the different possible types of noise that exist in Redshift and know which settings to tweak to produce clean results.

This document deals with 'final rendering' noise. It doesn't cover noise of point-based techniques such as SSS , caustics , irradiance cache or irradiance point cloud. For details on how to deal with that type of noise 'splotches' , please refer to their respective documentation. Any computer graphics effect that requires the shooting of multiple rays 'samples' is prone to noise. Please refer to the unified sampling documentation for more information. To improve noise on individual lights, you need to increase the "num samples" area lighting parameters of the light responsible for the noise.

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Typically, the larger the area light, the more samples it will need to produce clean shadows. But size is not the only concern: In this case, it also needs more samples.

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Generally speaking, lights producing large shadow penumbras might need samples or even more. To improve noise on ambient occlusion, you need to increase the "num samples" of the AO shader node, per-material. The AO feature of the architectural shader also has a "num samples" parameter. The stronger the AO effect is based on distance, spread, etc the more samples it needs. Typically, the lower the glossiness i. Also if the environment contains very bright lights and reflections, you might also need higher 'num samples' too.

Low-gloss, high-contrast scenes might require large values such as or even Please refer to the brute-force GI documentation for more information on this.

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The advice of 'increase num samples when you see noise' is not very useful if you cannot tell which effect is responsible for that noise. While this typically comes with experience, we'll attempt to visually demonstrate the different types of noise so you have some idea what to expect.

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Given that depth of field and motion blur can also introduce noise, it is recommended that you disable them while adjusting 'num samples' for things like glossy, AO, GI, etc. While adjusting 'num samples' of various effects it is recommended that you use low, fixed rate unified sampling. Please read the 'unified sampling' documentation for more details.

The scene shown below demonstrates area lighting and glossy reflections. The left sphere is purely diffuse while the right sphere is purely reflective. The scene is using default settings. The default area light samples are 16 and default glossy reflection samples are 8. As it can be seen, these default settings are not enough to obtain a clean result. Default settings for area lighting and glossy reflections produce noisy shadows and reflections.

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Increasing area light samples to from the default 16 improves the shadow quality and certain parts of the light reflection. Increasing the material's glossy reflection to samples improves the reflection quality. If the reflection of an area light looks noisy on reflective materials, try increasing both the area light samples as well as the material's reflection samples.

Portal lights also have 'num samples'.

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There may also be depictions of ticks or lice with hook-like talons, bloody mouths, and a disturbing profusion of eyes, perhaps a comment on the complex visual apparatus of insects Fig. In Maya imagery, these afflict a bloated mammal, an association pointed out to me some years ago by Karl Taube, but comparison with another vase demonstrates a seemingly free alternation with mosquitoes, K; see also Chinchilla Mazariegos In both cases Chahk, the Storm God, poises to strike these bloodsuckers. With axe in hand, he takes ferocious aim at them. This essay began with a reference to sound.

Echoic mimicry—that deeply annoying sound of mosquitoes—may explain a variant form of the ya syllable in Maya writing Fig. It is clearly skeletal, has a long beak, and disgorges bloody volutes.

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A mosquito in place of the syllable ya Yaxchilan Throne 2, photograph provided by Ian Graham , compared with blood-drooling, blood dripping mosquito K Onomatopoeia as a Figure and a Linguistic Principle. New Literary History 27 3: Art and Myth of the Ancient Maya. The Adventures of Tintin: Its Nature, Development, and Origin.

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