Goddess Reborn (A Fantasy is not Reality Tale Book 2)

Fiction is cataloged by author and title, not by subject or plot line, which makes (That's a real-life example of a book a patron was asking for: It Could The book was divided into 2 parts: The first part tells the story of an.
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View all 8 comments. My first by P. Cast and I liked it. I heard about her House of Night series too but wouldn't dare to read because it's YA. Yep, I'm currently having disappointed-with-YA-books. There are two time settings in Goddess of the Sea and I was confused by it in the beginning of my reading.

Instead My first by P. Instead of stay-in-present time or to-the-future, it's back-to-medieval time. Did I like it? I didn't because I was going to make this book in my Speculative RC! But, to think again - perhaps this book will pass because got some urban parts in it. I liked the romance, though. It was romantic in the mer-folk way. Especially when Dylan said, "I'll wait for you for an eternity. For me, that's very heart-warming.

He's CC's love interest and he's hot. I liked the way he loves CC. He loves her for the her true-self, her soul. The book's merely a love story. What I liked the most about this book? The talk about military. CC's a USAF before she got caught in air plane crashed, being sent back to medieval and became mermaid. I always have a thing about military. Only if I made it for aeronautical engineering. Sorry, kinda lost in thoughts. If you like mer-folk story, fantasy and steamy scenes I couldn't stop wondering about where the "love" organs might be - ahaks!

Looking forward to read the next book.

Goddess of the Sea

Jul 20, Shakila rated it liked it. It was one of the best novels i have read in a while. Gosto disso para ter uma ideia mais abrangente e menos condicionada. Tem uma personalidade alegre, determinada e completamente a favor dos direitos das mulheres. Aug 29, Synnin rated it did not like it Shelves: Thanks goodness i was smart enough not to buy this piece of "literature", i'd really really regret my money, even if it was 5 cents.. I have a habit, either good or bad: I never give up books, no matter what a torture it can be to finish them.

Perfect example of pure torture it was! After finally, finally scrolling the last page, i ended up with 2 thoughts in my mind: It could have been a neat, magic book, naking the readers smile, not cringe in disgust running through those loathsome porn details she decided to fullfill the book with? A human making love to a merman. A merman making love to a mermaid. A mermaid making love to a human. Are you crazy, lady? The whole idea is full of most ridiculous ridiculosities: Or both at the same time.

The preamble with Air Force stuff was totally unnecessary and what is worst, completely inappropriate. That's pretty sad, with the same success he could've been named Jack or John. Or better yet BOB.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

A Merman Bob, lovely, eh? All my ideas and beliefs in magic are ruined lol Dear P. Cast, i read you're teaching artistic writing in the university, please don't do that: Never again anything by this "author" will come close to my hands. I was writing the same dumb low-quality stories with no sex parts of course at the age of 7, when i was a great mermaid fan. Perhaps i should have published them lol View all 4 comments. I expected this book to be a more adult version of The Little Mermaid, but there was a bit more to it than that.

CC was a sergeant in the USAF, despite her fear of flying first off why would she choose a career which would definitely involve some flying even though she was petrified of it?! On flying to a new position, her plane crashed in the middle of the ocean and just as she's pulled under the water, a mermaid appears and asks if she wants to swap bodies in order to l I expected this book to be a more adult version of The Little Mermaid, but there was a bit more to it than that. On flying to a new position, her plane crashed in the middle of the ocean and just as she's pulled under the water, a mermaid appears and asks if she wants to swap bodies in order to live and CC readily accepts.

She is quickly transported through time and space to Medieval Wales, where things are nowhere near her modern life. CC's first encounter as a mermaid is to avoid being raped by Sarpedon, a fierce, defiant merman, who is half brother to Undine, the mermaid CC has become. She manages to get away and as she swims to a little cove on the beach, she meets Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, who helps and watches over her. She is rescued in the sea by Dylan, a lovely caring merman. She is further rescued on land by Sir Andras, who I really didn't like, but then he was the male chauvinistic pig that men of that time were supposed be.

CC has to pretend to be a princess with memory loss in order to avoid the questions of who she is whilst staying at the monastery on the island on which she was washed up. The abbot believes she is a sorceress and she has to calm her opinionated mouth, so as not to appear too strange for the time.

Women in that day and age were still considered the property of her husband and once the idea of who she is is planted in Sir Andras' mind, he decides she is worth marrying for the money. CC, however, has other plans! She spends a lot of time with Dylan and soon love blossoms between them, but she still has to cope with Sir Andras' attempts to woo her and Sarpedon's possession of Andras in order to find her. As a modern woman she is used to standing up for herself and men respecting her, but in this world of Medieval Wales, that is a hard thing to do without being burned at the stake.

I loved Dylan's love for her and how he stuck to his words - he really did wait for her for eternity. And I thought the ending was brilliant - I certainly wasn't expecting Dylan to appear again.

Goddess of Light (Goddess Summoning, #3) by P.C. Cast

This was a fun, light read and I enjoyed the writing style. It is a fairytale, but has some strong messages in it as well. Women are strong characters and that beauty comes from within are the main ideas. I initially read this book for my character A-Z challenge in the group I am I, but I will be hunting out the rest of this series. Aug 24, Vivian rated it really liked it Shelves: This really took my breath away. I wasn't anything spectacular from P. Cast, since House of Night let me down. But this book was so heartbreakingly quaint, beautiful, and wonderful. Not saying Twilight is shit.

I felt every single heartbeat Oh. I felt every single heartbeat that CC felt, the sorrow she felt and the joy she experienced with Dylan. One thing that confused me was Anyways, enough of that. I was eating lunch, and I was thinking about Dylan and Christine. Jun 16, Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Interesting story with interesting twists and surprises, a non-stop roller coaster tale. What an amazingly unique and lovely story! A friend of mine recommended this to me and I'm so happy she did because I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it so much! When I first heard it was about merfolk I admit I had some hesitation, but once this story got going it was so hard to put down!

Not to mention it never went where I thought it would go! It was very well written and done in such a way that you end up just believing in the fantasy and rooting for these characters. Plus, it has some What an amazingly unique and lovely story!

The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula Le Guin

Plus, it has some time travel too and I've been loving that theme lately! All in all, this book was a great story and a lovely romance and I commend the author for taking this theme and making it as entertaining as she did! Sep 18, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wanted a book with a pagan and mythological touch to it.

My friend told me to read this book. I immediately got hooked to the Summoning Series by P. This book was about a young woman, about my age, who led a very lonely, and drab lifestyle. She was a pilot in Air Force. One night, on her birthday, she decided to enact a spell, and on the following day, she felt pretty silly about that. She was summoned overseas and her plane crashed.

It was when her whole life changed. She was instantl I wanted a book with a pagan and mythological touch to it. She was instantly transported into the world of sea and into a merfolks' world. She met a sexy merman, but something had happened and she ended up being a conquest between two men. At first I thought this would be another of those silly mermaid stories, but I'm lost for words.

This book was absolutely amazing! Parts of this book made me incredibly proud to be a woman and made me feel empowered and strong. And the ending was perfect. Now I'm gonna go cry some more. Jan 18, Davina Keating watson rated it it was amazing. I love love love these books. Bring on the next one. Mar 29, holly quigley rated it it was ok. I had some serious reservations about continuing this book past the first two chapters.

The way the author writes her constant blathering to herself is annoying. If that sounds small and petty, I challenge you to read the first chapter out loud, and think - really think , about whether or not you or anyone you know has Eh. If that sounds small and petty, I challenge you to read the first chapter out loud, and think - really think , about whether or not you or anyone you know has ever talked to themselves in this fashion.

The entire first chapter was flimsy and ridiculous. Seriously - we open with her coming home, checking her messages, commenting out loud about her parents' flirting on the said messages, then ranting at the phone, out loud, as if she were holding a conversation with her mother - something about cookies and whine whine whine and "I can't believe you forgot!

This goes on and on, from her talking to the phone, to her bottle of champagne, to the television not the program on the television, but the static on the screen because the cable's out , to her bucket of KFC, and then I don't remember what else. I honestly almost couldn't get past just that. But then it gets worse, when she decides, after watching The Witches of Eastwicke, that she "needs magic in her life.

I started by reading house of night. So it was nice to get away from the whiney teenage drama and into something I could connect with. I love that all her women leads are strong, and independent but not hard to connect to. I would have given this one a 4 star rating had it not been for the ending. I would not stand for a trade off that Lina and Hades got, and well, he couldn't body jump like Dylan.

In the end I started crying, very happy that P. In the end I started crying, very happy that my emotional connection to the book was rewarded with the happy ending that you were hoping they would find. Jun 25, Selin rated it it was amazing.

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  3. Tenderfoot.

Bayan karaktere gelirsek bence serideki umutsuz dullar konseptine bi dur denmeli. View all 30 comments. It's probably only 4 stars, but the last page almost made me cry so that gave it brownie points. I really enjoyed Apollo. He was so sweet and loving. A man who knows the meaning of the word romance is a remarkable occurrence. Him and his fear of "metal creatures" was funny and cute, although a little cheesy. View all 3 comments. Tudo o que lhe faltava na vida era o amor. A sua viagem ao mundo mortal faz com ela aprenda coisas com que nunca contou. Baco, Deus do Vinho, surge como uma personagem mimada e maldosa de uma forma algo tresloucada.

Cast conseguiu mais uma vez encantar-me e deixar-me ansiosa por mais. In the Goddess series, Cast can make you believe it is absolutely possible the hero and heroine can not make it through to a happily ever after.

However, she always finds a unique way to pull the story together at the end. Each book has an amazing life altering event or decision that I have found unique in this genre. These stories are more than just the traditional "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl" that most romances are based on at the core. The heroine doesn't NEED the hero in or In the Goddess series, Cast can make you believe it is absolutely possible the hero and heroine can not make it through to a happily ever after.

The heroine doesn't NEED the hero in order to become a better person or to win the battle against her inner demon s. The situations that Cast puts her characters in helps to mold them into better people, even if they don't seem to need improvement. Cast's heroines always have a strong sense of character, backbone, good moral compass, and won't be trampled on by anything or anyone.

They are definitely not waifs. The heroine knows the true difference between right and wrong and when put into a unique and traumatic situation, she discovers and chooses the "right decision" even if it will cost her the happiness that she craves and truly deserves.

Romance is woven beautifully into these stories, but getting the guy is not the only goal.

Alpha Goddess

Though these books are quite romantic there is not sex for the sake of sex. I have seen often, authors who write series will have a basic foundation that is present in all the books in that series. This is the case with Cast. There are certain events that, though slightly different by circumstance, are the same in all the books. An example is the dilemma that will introduce the mortal and the god or goddess. Though these points can be predictable in the storyline the way Cast writes them makes them utterly unique.

If you like one of these books you will likely enjoy them all. I encourage anyone who enjoys romantic stories to read at least one of these books. They don't have to be read in order to get the full enjoyment. Jul 20, Sam rated it it was amazing. You can find that review and more at bff- book-boyfriends When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god-like man, she never expects to find one--especially not in Vegas.

That's all there is on Goodreads about that book and since that as well is a reread for me, I have to start of with admitting that the first few pages were really boring for me, but then, I knew the story. It really started to kick You can find that review and more at bff- book-boyfriends When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god-like man, she never expects to find one--especially not in Vegas. It really started to kick off for me when they meet the first time: Apollo, one of the most handsome men this earth knows, and Pamela, a woman just as normal as you and me.

The sparks are there, the sweetness and the most adorable, helpless guy a girl could wish for. Not knowing anything about our world seriously causes Apollo troubles and I love how he still tries to deal with it to best way he knows. Whenever he points out that he's just a man trying to win the woman he loves??? Oh yes, that made me a tiny puddle on the floor because it seemed so true, so real!

This whole series really makes me believe it could be possible. It's not macho enough. Cast After the initial, somewhat rocky start I couldn't put the book down and finished it in one reading. I loved the whole character development, loved Pam's assistant and everything else about this book.

Jul 19, Leah Helliwell rated it it was amazing. I adored this book my favorite book in the series so far. Cast started the book out well and introduced all the main characters swiftly and smoothly. Faust that's when you find out that even the goddess of the hunt has a soft side. Cast does dec I adored this book my favorite book in the series so far. Cast does decide to slow the pace of the book down so we can get to know the characters in the book abit better, but she does it so smoothly you don't notice it until after the book picks up the pace.

The book all the way through is slow then it's fast all the way through unlike most books I read go straight into the story or they take there time but all the way through the book Cast does it so well you only notice it if you think about it. Over all I loved the book, the story line, the characters, the Greek mythology, the romance and the evil vilan everyone will grown to hate.

Jun 07, Brittany rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just love this series! Cast shows us a world where gods and goddesses mix with modern mortals and the fun adventures that ensue. This is another awesome addition to the series. In this book, we are given a different take on Apollo. I love the relationship that grows between Apollo and a mortal. WHile, this is not the first time that I have read this book I have fallen in love all over again.

If you enjoy stories about the ancient gods this is definitely the series for you. Third ti I just love this series! Third time through and I loved it! However, I just wish we got to see their HEA's. I want to know about their kids and what happens after their second chance. Before reading Goddess Summoning, I haven't read any other book of P.

Now I have to say that I would love to read them all including House of Night. If they are half as fun as these serie's books then I can safely say that I will love them! Mythology for me being born in the very place those myths started their marvelous trip all over the world was always something fun and intriguing. Cast made a wonderfull job of weaving such a lovely story.

At the end I almost had the urge to cry, after what Bachus did. This is God's Apollo story, where at the end the reader can realise that soulmates are meant to be together I loved this book!! I loved the character of Pamela and Apollo.

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

It was such a sweet love story but i also liked the fact that Artemis wasn't happy about it all. I thought that the ending was so sad with what happened to Pamela. But the good thing was that they got to live another life together and I loved the fact that Hades and Lina were in this one too. I love this series so much and P. Cast makes the gods and goddesses so re I loved this book!!

Cast makes the gods and goddesses so real. Aug 20, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: Cast is a bit of an odd duck. I mean, I was down for the use of ginormous because duh At least there wasn't raging, explosive diarrhea in this book. She should be sore and tired and probably battling a raging urinary tract infection from too much sex. All kidding aside, I found Goddess of Lig 3. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention, but he got acquainted with the dark elf Ariane and listened to her request.

The prologue and character profile of the protagonist does resembles the MC of Overlord at a glance. However, this light novel's MC is a holy undead and is cursed, and thus could certainly gain back his human body though personality-wise, it does resemble Overlord's MC. Moreover, unlike Overlord, the MC does not have a companion in this novel. On the other hand, though the fighting scenes are clearly described, the plot does not really follow a definite path.

Moreover, the MC's go-with-the-flow personality is a little distasteful, in my opinion. Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his year-old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death.

With the vast knowledge he accumulated in his previous life, he has a better starting point. Although he started as the weakest, without a doubt, he will climb the steps towards the strongest. Mastering the strongest cultivation technique, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts. Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet! One of the best novels I'm currently reading. The protagonist has a determined spirit, and with his knowledge of his previous life since he was transported back in time , he is so very very over-powered that he is comparable to his elders and seniors.

Moreover, the plot is fast progressive and I don't think the fighting scenes are lacking either. Much more, the way that the author describe the situation is simply excellent. In a fantasy world known as [Flow] there was a Demon Emperor whose power was so ridiculous that gods couldn't even compare to him. Then one day he got hit by a powerful curse and got banished to a completely different world.

That's roughly how it happened. Roughly… After entering the New World our protagonist found his body being disintegrated and most of his magical powers useless Mecha and magic together is an unusual combination. The MC is over-powered based on his previous life and body that fused with his current body. It's also a bit mature-themed and he has a harem with girls who are also very overpowered.

In addition, what I certainly like most about this light novel is how the MC conceals much of his power,. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. If I want something, the heavens better have it. The death mage that doesn't want a fourth time would also fit in here. I've read up to where it is updated chapter and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Was a good list but when Tales of demons and Gods got included i got the impression that it darkened the whole list as a whole by what was written In my personal truth it is just a read for those who do not care and are simply waiting for more updates on others, nothing, i mean nothing sets it apart from the others with non existing personality's for the supporting cast.

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